Hello hoppers!

We know that some of you still have doubts, so we prepared a list with the main questions you might be asking yourself. Check here if your question has already been answered. If not, and if you have any other, e-mail us at contato@hepcats.com.br .

What is Hepcats’ Fever?

Hepcats’ Fever is a festival dedicated to Lindy Hop and to the Jazz dances and their roots. Since 2015 hoppers from all over Brazil and Latin America get together for a whole weekend of dancing with classes, interviews, and parties.

Why an online festival?

This year we are going through the Covid-19 pandemic, and the best way to protect ourselves and others and guarantee the best health care is social distancing. Therefore, we’ve decided not to meet physically so that we can be together in 2021!

Dancing, especially Lindy Hop, is a social experience, and the virtual world surely cannot replicate it. However, having an online festival was the way we thought would be the best to be together in this situation. Making an online Hepcats’ is a way to be close and share our love for Lindy Hop, as well as a way to keep our dance scene alive.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a type of funding in which people donate money for the making of a project. The organizers make a funding campaign by establishing a goal for the costs of the project, in a very clear and transparent process, in which every detail of how the money is going to be spent is presented.

Why an online festival via crowdfunding?

Hepcats’ is a nonprofit festival, which makes it ideal for a crowdfunding campaign. Also, crowdfunding makes people closer to the production of a project. In our case, crowdfunding allows our dancers to be closer to the making of Hepcats, and it also allows them to speak directly to the producers. It’s a festival made by hoppers for hoppers!

The pandemic has brought a very difficult reality to many of us, financially speaking. Crowdfunding is ideal in this case because it allows our community to be closer and make a festival that is for everyone, regardless of what they’re going through.

Who keeps the money?

The money goes to an exclusive bank account, which is under the names of the producers.

What happens if the total goal is not reached?

Not gonna happen (we hope!) but if it does, everyone will get their money back. We assure you.

What happens if the goal is exceeded?

If we reach more than 100% of the goal, our producers may choose to make improvements for this years’ edition, and/or we can start saving money for Hepcats’ 2021!

How will the festival happen?

This years’ activities will happen via many video platforms. Donors will be advised of these platforms, links, scheduled time, and hashtags of all activities. We’ll also share them extensively on our social media and on this website.

Who can participate?

Well, everyone! Just keep an eye out for the detailed schedule of activities and classes!

In what languages will the festival be held?

Most activities will be held in Portuguese. Activities involving international guests will be held in English. We’ll do our best to have them translated and subtitled, although it might be difficult to have simultaneous translation during live activities.

Still have questions? Contact us! contato@hepcats.com.br