Hepcats’ Fever is an international festival that brings the felling of the golden age of jazz to our days. Swing music is our motto.

Parties that will blow your mind, with the most renowned bands of the scene and a dance floor full of those who love jazz.

Harlem breathes Jazz in the 1920s. Swing music is born and takes over the ballrooms. The Savoy Ballroom, one of the biggest and greatest ones of that time, the only one that allowed black and white people to go in and be there together, was home to the greatest big bands, and Lindy Hop was all over the place!

Talent, great energy and freedom are unique marks of this amazing swing dance.

We have many wonderful things planned for this year’s edition of Hepcats’ Fever, including parties with bands playing live, classes with some of the best lindy hop teachers in the world, and talks involving the culture of Lindy Hop and Jazz. Don’t miss out!

Words are unnecessary when jazz is playing. Your soul enlightens, your heart beats swinging and your feet crave for dancing! Want to join us in this feeling?

Hepcats’ Fever is a festival with the desire to live Jazz, to let swing music take over your body, and to put on the dance floor the best that we got, ourselves!

“It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that Swing!”