Words are unnecessary when jazz is playing. The soul enlightens, the heart beats swinging and your feet crave for dancing! Want to join us in this feeling?

Hepcats’ Fever is a festival with the desire of living Jazz, to let the jazz take over your body, and put on the dance floor the best we got, ourselves!

“It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that Swing!”

The year goes by at 240 BPM – too fast! But when November comes it also means that it’s time for Hepcats’ Fever! There will be parties, classes, performances, competitions, everything you deserve to celebrate Lindy Hop.

In this year we will have teachers that will make you fall in love even more with Lindy Hop and Jazz! Do you know Nathan Bug and Gaby Cook? They mix the most traditional Lindy Hop using a lot of rhythm along with the most accurate techniques. They are a great inspiration.

You know who else will be there? Felipe Braga and Alice Mei! Alice Mei is a breathtaking dancer and a top notch teacher! She learned from the best ones and became one of the best ones. It’s her second time here in Brazil and we would love to have her always with us! Her dance partner, our Felipe, has the spirit that Frankie Manning wished to see in a Lindy Hopper. His dancing comes from his roots and it has in its essence the Lindy Hop. We believe that in the lullabies that his mother used to sing for him, between Samba and Bossa Nova, there was a lot of Swing Jazz. . Enjoying the teachers so far? Well… There is more!!! Since we can’t help ourselves we thought you would love to have Authentic Jazz classes with someone who really understands it, so we called our Latin American brother Juan Villafane to complete our teachers line-up. He dances and knows about Authentic Jazz like only a few people in the world do, from classic steps to the variations and the variations of the variations (and even the variations of the variations of the variations)!

We’ll also have 3 Feverish parties loaded with live bands, performances, competitions and … and… Do you want more? Don’t worry, we will make it happen! 😉