We all know that Hepcats is very important for our community, and despite the pandemic, we couldn’t miss the opportunity of hosting it again.

Surely the virtual world cannot replicate the social experience of dancing, but since most of us are still isolated (or at least those who are able to), we thought it was even more important to make Hepcats’ happen for what it really is: a reunion of the Lindy Hop community so we can share our love for the dance.

We chose crowdfunding because it is the best option to host an event that is free to the entire community. It’s the way we believe we should respond to this very peculiar moment, and it’s also part of what we believe that Hepcats can be.

This year Hepcats’ won’t require the participants to be physically present in São Paulo. The pandemic has brought a very difficult reality to many of us, therefore it felt right to make Hepcats’ happen so everyone can participate. The more the merrier!

We always say that Hepcats’ can only happen because of our dancers (and it’s true!), and this year we’ll need your active participation also in our crowdfunding campaign. If Hepcats is important to you, help us fund this year’s edition!