We’ll have four levels and at least six classes per level.
Classes will take place during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday).
Schedule to be announced.


Dancers will be split into four levels according to their skills. Levels are chosen by dancers on the registration and confirmed during the audition on Saturday, before the classes start.

Beginners (without audition)

To those taking the first steps in Lindy Hop. You know 6-count and 8-count basics but still need to practice so that your body and ideas flow better when you’re dancing.

Intermediate (without audition)

Dancers in this level understand 6-count and 8-count steps, are familiar with lots of steps and wish to improve or learn more complex ones.

Intermediate/Advanced (with audition)

It’s expected that these dancers know how to improvise during a dance and they will be able to dance some faster musics.

Advanced (with audition)

If you are one, you know it!


Intermediate/Advanced and Advanced will be split during the audition in two levels, according to the teachers’ criteria.

Auditions exist so that teachers can get to know the dancers better and are also able to identify the groups needs. Spliting in two levels will create groups with compatible skills and consequently a better class development. The split will be made by the teachers with the help of the Staff, and its criteria will be your dancing skills.

We trust our teachers criteria for the split, so once it’s done there’ll be no changes.

Important: audition is mandatory. In case someone does not show up or participates, they will be placed in the level which does not spoil the balance between followers and leaders and the class development.

Place of Classes



Please wear confortable clothes and good shoes for sliding. A fresh change of clothes is also a good option, as well as personal hygiene items.

It’s very important to keep yourself hydrated, so lots of water! Bring healthy snacks for the breaks between classes, such as fruit, cereal bars, yogurts, and sandwiches.